The Magic of Elderberry

The Magic of Elderberry - Source Biology

Elderberry belongs to the Sambucus tree genus and Adoxaceae family of flowering plants. Its growth occurs in the subtropical and temperate world regions including the northern hemisphere. Elderberries may also be found in some parts of South America and Australia. The species of the plant are grown as ornamental flowers as well.

History of Healing

Elderberry is a common medicinal plant that has been used for healing over the course of centuries. The indigenous people used it for treating rheumatism and fever. The ancient Egyptians used elderberries for healing burns as well as for improving their complexion. For generations the flowering plant has been a part of folk medicine in various parts of Europe. Today, Elderberry supplements are sold for treating and preventing symptoms associated with the common cold and flu.

Aside from cold related ailments, Elderberry is know as a diverse healer.

It’s also been used as a treatment for:

Nutrient Value of Elderberry

Elderberry contains a good number of antioxidants while being low in calorie count. There are only 106 calories in 145 gm of fresh berries obtained from the elderberry plant. Below are some important nutrients found in elderberries.

Vitamin C: elderberry contains a high amount of vitamin C (approximately 52 grams in a cup of berries and fruit).

Fiber: consumption of elderberries is good for digestion as it contains high amounts of fiber (approximately 10 grams in a cup of berries).

Flavonols: elderberries contain a high number of antioxidants called flavonols. These include kaempferol, quercetin, and isorhamnetin.

Anthocyanins: this is a kind of antioxidant that can exert anti-inflammatory effects.

Phenolic acids: these antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress.

Elderberries contain many different kinds of antioxidants that can exert good medicinal effects on the human body and health. However, there are different kinds of elderberry plant varieties available. Therefore, the exact nutrient density and composition will depend on the ripeness of the elderberry plants' berries, plant variety, as well as climatic and environmental conditions.

The elderberry sweet syrup contains the extracts of the elderberry flowers, which are boiled along with sugar. Elderberry flowers can also be used for preparing tea with medicinal effects and benefits. The berries of the plant have been used historically for making jams, juice, pies, chutney, and even wine.


While the Elderberry is know for its properties in battling common cold symptoms, it also contains a variety of important nutrients and ingredients including antioxidants that bring many different medicinal properties. It can also be an important source of fiber, and vitamin C, and improve heart health. It may also exert certain anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-diabetic effects. You can consult your physician to know more about elderly supplements and in what amount you should use them.

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